2020 Campus Spelling Bee

Our amazingly talented 3rd and 4th graders competed in the 2020 Tarver-Rendon Spelling Bee.  18 students S-P-E-L-L-E-D their way through the competition.   Congratulations to our campus champion, Kaylyn Marstaller, and our runner ups, Ethan Goetsch and Myla Squires.  Kaylyn will represent our campus in the district competition in January.  We are very P-R-O-U-D of all of our participants for their hard work and dedication to improve their spelling and increase their vocabulary!!

Spelling Bee Participants:

Jacob Bedwell   Coy Wilkinson, Kayden Hoy, Olive Malicoat, Bin Danner, Aiden Carlson, Myla Squires, Thomas Young, Kynslee Loudermilk, Caleb Jones, Ryan Rowland, Kaylyn Marstaller, Blake Petersen, Jacob Francisco, Ethan Goetsch,  Leah Carlson, Marshall Meador and Emily Ruiz.

Spelling Bee Participants