Help Us Create the Yearbook

We need help creating the yearbook.  We would like for our students to create an introduction page to their grade level sections of the yearbook.  Here are the guidelines that need to be followed:

•    Design must fit on an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of white paper 
•    leave about ¼ inch margin around the edges
•    Art needs to be drawn on a portrait (taller) layout of the paper.
•    Include your grade level in the design
•    Include the yearbook theme “Growing to Greatness”
•    Draw pictures of your favorite things that help you grow at Tarver-Rendon 
•    Write your first and last name on the BACK of your artwork
•    Remember all the amazing things Mrs. Jeter has taught you in art and use them on this project! 
•    If you need a sheet of paper to draw on, ask Mrs. Drake or Mrs. C. Bledsoe for one.

All entries will be featured in the yearbook.  Staff members will select the design that will be featured for each grade level.  

All designs must be turned into Mrs. Drake or Mrs. C. Bledsoe no later than January 22 at 3:30.  No late entries will be accepted.