Local Artist Recognized at State Level

We are so blessed to have an amazing art program at Tarver-Rendon.  Mrs. Jeter is constantly pushing and challenging the kids to tap into their inner artists to create superior artwork.  The artwork displayed at the district art show proved how talented our students are.  Over the weekend, we found out that the 3 pieces of art she selected to enter in the Texas Elementary Art Meet State Competition ALL received a perfect score! We are so proud of our students!  Congratulations to Oliver Short, Nayeli Gonzales, and Olive Malicoat for creating beautiful artwork and earning perfect scores!

Nayeli's artwork entitled "Happy Musician"

person playing keyboard


Olive's artwork entitled "Prized Pumpkin"

painting of the top of a pumpkin

Oliver's artwork entitled "Walk The Line"


pastel drawing of different geometric shapes